Hospice Team

Community Hospice of Bergen County was founded by four hospice professionals in January 2008. Funding was sought from the community rather than investors, and the goal of the founders was, and remains, to ensure that patients and their loved ones receive the best care possible at the most poignant timethe end of life.

Patricia Hutzelman, RN, MS, began Hospice at Bergen Community Health Care where she administered the program for nearly two decades. A great advocate for hospice philosophy and services, Pat works tirelessly as a co-founder of Community Hospice of Bergen County.
Alan Israel, MD, served as Medical Director at Hospice at Bergen Community Health Care since its inception and now at Community Hospice of Bergen County. Dr. Israel is dedicated to ensuring that patients die as pain-free and peacefully as possible.
Donna J. Bott, an award-winning hospice volunteer, works to educate the community about hospice philosophy, care and services.
Wendy Faith Megerman serves as Director of Volunteers and Director of Operations at Community Hospice of Bergen County.
  Executive Director
Paula V. Pedersen, RN, MA, has directed homecare and hospice agencies for more than twenty years. Paula Pedersen has a BS degree from William Paterson University and a MA from New York University.



The Board of Trustees of Community Hospice of Bergen County

Alan Israel, MD, President
Donna J. Bott, Vice-President
Patricia Hutzelman, RN, MS, Treasurer
Wendy Faith Megerman, Secretary
Peggy Andrews
Robert Bott
Frances Castello
John Corcoran
William Greenberg, MD
Kathi Meding
Lin Plastrik-Israel, LCSW
Paula Pedersen, RN, MA
Robert Romano, Esq.

The Hospice Staff

Executive Director
Paula Pedersen, RN, MA

Medical Director
Alan M. Israel, MD

Hospice Nurses
Ingrid Quinn, RN, BSN
Michael Nelson, RN
Jennifer Guss, RN, BSN
Patrice Hunkin, RN, BSN
Vicky Rogoff, RN

Social Services
Lin Plastrik-Israel, LCSW
Eileen Tucci, LCSW
Paul Wyatt Kahn, LCSW

Pastoral Counseling
Rodney Haveman
Thomas Pranschke
Paul Genki Kahn, Roshi

Director of Volunteers
Director of Operations
Wendy Faith Megerman

Director of Community Outreach
Director of Development
Donna J. Bott

Physical Therapy
Mary Natirboff

Occupational Therapy
Jocelyn Brandt

Nutritional Therapy
Carol Redden

Speech-Language Pathology
Jodi Levenson